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Monday, July 20, 2009


I had such a great weekend!! We went to Philly and got to visit with Ryan and Megan (our oldest son and his beautiful girlfriend)

Here are some pics from The Richard Morris Arboretum in Philly

Then I met Siobhan, Sharon and Melissa!!! We had so much fun! And we went to Kathy Barrick-Dieter's house!!! (Carriage House Samplings) It is so darn cool!!! Here we are on Kathy's bed! Clockwise~ Siobhan, Sharon, Joanne, Carol, Me, Kathy, and Melissa! Thanks to Kathy's sweet hubby, Art, for taking the pic.

What an awesome time!!!

On the designing front~~ watch for Hoodoo Voodoo (here's a shout out to Siobhan, Sharon and Melissa for the idea) Thanks guys!! A new Quaker and Cape Cod's Boys.