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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dividing perennials, working on new designs

I love perennials and herbs! you buy a little pot, plant it and each year you are blessed with more than the year before. I've been dodging the rain drops and have been dividing my plants and replanting them.

I'm trying to get the thyme to grow all around my stone trough. It smells so good! I'm also severly computer challenged and cannot figure out how to get the text where I want it! Sorry!

I've divided these wild geraniums several times, I've been transplanting them to different parts of the yard.

It smells so wonderful outside right now with the lilacs and lily of the valley blooming!

Aren't these Virginia bluebells so pretty, I just wish they lasted longer

On the design front, I have 2 new things finished~~
First up is a tombstone one called 1612. This is in memory of the Pendle Witches.
I've been reading a good book on that subject~

The second is called The Olde Settlement.
Neither are stitched yet, stay tuned!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today was a glorious day! The weather was perfect~hung lots of clothes out on the line, took the doggies for a walk, and thanks to Laurie, put some screens in. Nothing like fresh air blowing through your house!
I started thinking that I am a old/new kind of gal~I recently discovered a wonderful magazine called A Simple Life, the photography and articles are wonderful. I started looking around my "homestead"

old stone out front

new witch ball

Old bottles and new stained glass things

old stone step in our house

old well out back

old looking new stone trough

old door with new mushrooms

our old house

old stone porch (I love how it ripples)

old light in the living room.

old brick and steeple thingy

old attic where lots of bats live

old door bell

new old looking angel~old beehive bank and small crock

new witch plate

I'm working on some new designs with some old themes! Stay tuned~