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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crunch Time!

this is Tombstone Spots before framing.

I dropped off a few things to be framed for St Charles and am waiting for 2 more models to be finished, then I can pick out frames for those too!
It has been such a busy summer, I hope I can kick it in gear and get ready for market!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This has been one busy summer! Just got home this morning from Alabama and New Orleans. We had a great time, but it's always good to come home.
Mariah is all settled in at college and we are helping Cody move in Friday.
So it's time to get busy and get things ready for St. Charles.
I don't have any pics yet (but soon). So far it's looking like my new releases will be~~~
1. Witches Hollow~this is a pretty big design, Karen V did an awesome RR, and she so graciously allowed me to pattern my design from it. Charity is working away on the model.
2 Retro Halloween~this one is stitched (thanks to Marlaine) I just picked out a frame today. This design was inspired from a vintage piece of crepe paper.
3. Fly Needles Fly~ This one has a cool fall/Halloweeny verse, Julie is working on the model.
4. God Bless Us Everyone~this is a small Christmas design that Nicole just finished.
5~Let Your Life Speak~this is a Quaker type design that Eve is currently working on.
6~Tombstone Spots~this one is inspired by the grave rubbings Mariah and I did this summer. Laurie is stitching the model.
I think that about wraps it up. I'm stitching a witchy (what else?) freebie model.

Cape Cod's Boys is not quite done. I was hoping to have it done for St. Charles but it is not looking good.
Hoodoo Voodoo is also in the works.

A shout out to Just Cross Stitch for the wonderful article! Thanks so much!