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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another contest & Laura with the Tab avatar please email me

Ok, now that St. Charles is over~it is time to start thinking about Nashville!!
I'm working on a way cool repro chart! (Hint:the girl who stitched it finished it Oct. 31. 1844, and it has a very interesting/spooky story!)

So I want to do another design on the same scale as Witches Hollow. I have a few ideas, but wanted to see what you guys would like to stitch.
Let me know your ideas.

I'm going to use the random number generator again to pick the winners.
Give-away will be my 2 new definition charts~Halloween & Witch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Back and we have winners!

Here is Mariah~She was such an awesome cashier!! Thanks so much honey!!

I had such a great market!! So much fun.
Thanks to all you guys for leaving such wonderful comments! Since I had so many, I decided to pick to winners~~
I used a random number generator and it came up with #'s 11 and 49, so congrats to Denise and Laura!
Please e-mail me at primitiveneedle@aol.com

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm off to St. Charles!

Wish me luck! I'll see you all when I get back!

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered in my drawing~~1 each of all the new stuff!!

Bewitching Stitching!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Needful things for new charts

Old Game Board: Stitch count:128w x 118h
Fabric: 40 count Mello by Picture This Plus
Fibers: The Gentle Arts:Wrought Iron (10 yard skein needed) Carrot, Tomato, Corn Husk

Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon:Stitch Count: 200w x 100h:
Fabric: 40 count Tin Roof from Weeks Dye Works
Fibers: The Gentle Art: Oatmeal, Garden Gate, Espresso Bean, Piney Woods, Wrought Iron, Weathered Barn, Mustard Seed, Bittersweet, Nutmeg.
Weeks Dye Works: Loden, Caper, Moss, Olive

Flatheads Embrace: Stitch Count: 169w x 127h
Fabric: 40 count Tin Roof from Weeks Dye Works
Fibers: The Gentle Art: Chalk, Buttermilk, Portabello, Deep Forest, Wood Trail, Soot, Garden Gate, Weathered Barn, Autumn Leaves.

1612: Stitch Count: 69w x 111h
Fabric: 40 count Heritage from Picture This Plus.
Fibers:The Gentle Art: Roasted Marshmellow,
Weeks Dye Works: Confederate Gray, Havana, Bark, Charcoal.

The Olde Settlement Stitch Count:203w x 236h
Fabric: 40 count Parchment from Weeks Dye Works.
Fibers: Belle Soie: Vanilla Pudding, Slate, Tumbleweed, Miss Green Jeans, Mudpie, Tree Trunk, Moss, Noir, Sister Scarlet, Herb Garden, Collard Greens, Kiwi, Teddy Bear, Cinnamon Stick, Terra Potta, Briar Patch, Fawn, Bean Stalk, Sage Brush, Espresso, Oatmeal Scone, Chester Blue, Rose of Sharon, Ocean Tide, Baguette

Witch: Stitch Count: 216w x 68h:
Fabric: 40 count Shale from Picture This Plus
Fibers: Java Watterlillies by Caron.

Halloween: Stitch Count: 211w x 112h
Fabric: 35 count Cappuccino from Weeks Dye Works
Fibers: Weeks Dye Works: Curry, Charcoal, Sweet Potato

Hoodoo Voodoo: Stitch Count:105w x 98h
Fabric: 40 count Confederate Gray from Weeks Dye Works
Fibers: Weeks Dye Works: Whitewash, Parchment, Stepping Stone, Thyme, Loden, Caper, Bark, Salt Glaze, Charcoal, Onyx, Olive, Whiskey, Carrot, Terra Cotta, Turkish Red.

Whew!! I'd like to thank all the great fabric and fiber people in the needlearts industry. Their awesome products make designing a dream!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Last 2~


So which pic of Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon do you all like the best?

How about the pics of Old Game Board?

Tomorrow will be spent getting these last 2 designs ready to print.