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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey Sherry and Siobhan!  Thanks for your comments!  I have Cape Cod Girls about 1/2 stitched.  An A&E (Thanks to Laurie) is on it's way to Valley House Primitives so they can work their magic!  Charity is stitching ABC Hornbook, I'm about 1/3 done with a small Tombstone design, Eve is stitching Earth Sampler, and I'm getting ready to design a freebie for Nashville.  Do you guys like seeing pics before market?  I wasn't sure if I put pics up too soon before St. Charles.
This is all still fairly new to me and I really appreciate your input.



Siobhan said...

Oh man!! Don't let little things like a life, a job, a family, and the holidays keep you from stitching up that Cape Cod Girls! ;) LOL, just kidding. I can't wait to see it, can't wait to see EVERYTHING that you have coming out! It all sounds fabulous. Laurie told me that I will go crazy over the A&E, so I know I'm going to be ordering that sight unseen. As for seeing models before Market, personally, I love seeing them. For a designer, though, and I'm going to kick myself for saying this, but it might be better to wait maybe a week or two before Market before showing the new stuff. Leave it close enough that everybody is excited but give yourself enough time so that people preorder your designs with their favorite LNSs. Maybe see how CHS Kathy times the releasing of her design pictures, because I know that I'm always super excited to see & buy her new stuff. I do like being able to ask for shops to get the stuff for me, to know they get it at Market rather than waiting to get home and then order it.

I saw Twilight. I am feel like a big perve over Edward, but dang, oh my gosh, phew. I am going to see it a bunch more times before it leaves the theaters because I am still 17 in my mind. Did I mention he is hot??? My daughter has The Lace Reader & The Heretic's Daughter under the tree--can't wait for her to read them so I can get to them!

Sorry for the novel. Have a great Christmas!! Hurry up Market!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the input Siobhan! I kinda thought the same thing about the designs.
Now onto important matters~~~ Oh my word!!! Edward, need I say more! I've seen it twice and really want to go again!!

Merry Christmas!!


Sherry said...


KimWI said...

Ditto on what Siobhan said re Nashville. Anticipation is half the fun, but give enough time so people can pre-order and have it ASAP :)
Can't wait to see them all :)