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Monday, February 9, 2009

Home again

Wow! What a great time! I love Tennessee!! We left Cleveland with mountains of snow everywhere, and landed in Nashville to warmth!! OMG!! My mom went with me and we arrived in Nashville early, so once at the hotel (room wasn't ready until 3) we went for a long walk (it was so warm, and the smell of fresh mulch~bliss!) Then we sat in rocking chairs outside the hotel soaking up the sun (I have a bit of a tan going!) Getting the room set up was a bit of a challenge, but each time I learn something new to help make things run better next time!
Getting to meet so many great people is so awesome!! From shop owners and helpers, to designers (I almost have to pinch myself!!) Anne (The Goode Huswife) Kathy (CHS) Carol (who makes the most wonderful chex mix!!) Lori (La-D-Da) Linda (Chessie and Me) Elizabeth (Elizabeth's Designs) Gosh, the list goes on and on! The wonderful people at Nordens, and I finally got to meet Rod from Hoffman's!
Having my mom with me was so great! She was so helpful, had great suggestions, even put up with me when it came to tearing everything down. The show closed at 4PM on Sunday and we had until 6PM to have everything packed and down to the folks from the UPS store. The freakin' tape gun hated me! I should have taken a pic of the room when we were through~hunks of tape were stuck not only on me, but on the carpet, the furniture, everywhere! What a mess! But we did get everthing down there just as the clock struck 6! I had asked mom to come with me to St Charles, but she may be rethinking her yes!
Even though there is still snow on the ground (yuck!) It is good to be home. Tomorrow I'll be printing up charts and getting them sent out.
I want to say thank-you so much to everyone who stopped by my room! The kind words mean more than I can say!
There's a full moon tonight! But it's really cloudy here, hope I get a peak!

(the pic is of my Grandma Hite and my sister, Jennifer and I) (I'm the one standing on the arm of the porch swing)


Anonymous said...

aren't memories of gran's house the best?

thank you!!!! you put in an "anonymous"! i asked SC if she would email you and ask you to do that! now i can post to your blog! yeah!

sounds like you and your mom had a grand time! did you get to walk around or were you pretty much in your room only?

joann in TX

Eve said...

Hey Lisa!!

Hope I'm doing this right; you know I'm new to all this blogging.
Well, I was here! I love all the cool moon and witch pics you have and the one of you and Jen and your grandma.


NIKY said...

Hi Lisa my name is Niky and we met in Nahville came by your booth, and it was just wonderfull. congratulations for your lovely designs.