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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'd like you all to meet Bonnie! She is the owner of Valley Framing in Valley City, Ohio. Framing needlework is her specialty and boy, does it show. She does an amazing job, and not only that, she never gives me the evil eye or anything when I bring 4,5, even 6 things that need framed like yesterday.
Thanks so much Bonnie!!


Sharon said...

She does a wonderful job!

Nancy said...

Bonnie does beautiful framing, and her choice of frames are amazing! Lucky you.

maryjhoffman said...

Just wanted you to know, I love your new patterns and the Christmas Ornament pattern in JC is my favorite of the entire magazine. I have pointed it out to several stitchers and everyone likes it. You sure know how to design beautifully. What a talent you have. JoAnn Hoffman

Paulette said...

Hi Bonnie! :) I like how your order is sitting there on the counter in front of her. She does AMAZING work!!


Lisa said...

Ha! You noticed that huh!